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Board Simulation

OHM CAD SYSTEM is strong knowledge in the field of Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI/EMC and Thermal Analysis, At frequencies in the gigahertz range, a host of variables can affect signal integrity: signal path design, impedances and loading, transmission line effects, and even power distribution on / off the circuit board. Product design engineer expectation is to reduce these problems from the beginning, and to correct them when they do appear. They must investigate both of the fundamental sources of signal degradation: digital issues and analog issues. We provide accurate solution for pre layout simulation and post layout verification of high speed designs.

OHM CAD SYSTEM is offers ultimate solution for Radiation, conduction, and convection to dissipate heat from a device and PCB designs use heat sinks to improve heat dissipation (Good Air Circulation).


  • TX and RX Return Loss & Insertion Loss.
  • Crosstalk Analysis.
  • De-emphasis technique at the transmitter.
  • Behavior of the channel under given stackup and back drilling of the vias.
  • Skin –Effect and Dielectric Loss
  • Timing Analysis Characteristic impedance
  • Termination techniques
  • Behavior of the channel under different receiver equalizer techniques.
  • Identifying TX and RX Jitter.
  • Serial Link Analysis Simulates end-to-end channel behavior to produce comprehensive eye diagrams and bathtub curves and to predict BER Performance.


  • Decoupling capacitor Analysis
  • Voltage Distribution on copper plane
  • Current Distribution on copper plane
  • Via current Distribution
  • Frequency Vs Impedance Graph
  • Thickness of Copper on Stack-Up


  • Selection of cooling method
  • Heat sink design
  • System level thermal analysis
  • Forced cooling
  • Integrated heat sinks with case design
  • Good air flow Hole on board
  • Steady and Transient simulation